What do you mean “Player’s guitar”?

‘We build “Player’s guitars” that lend themselves to relic jobs, natural antiquing and natural wear and tear.
Most of our guitars use water based stains and top quality Nitrocellulose Lacquer sanding sealer and clear. We expect that our guitars will be gigged, toured, dropped, dinged, banged, scratched, and…. CHERISHED. ‘

“They leave (very) minor paint and finish imperfections, on purpose, which I thought was cool. Regardless, this is the best playing and sounding guitar I have ever owned, especially for the price.” – J. Price.

The guitars that we produce are not meant to have 100% immaculate rolls royce quality paint jobs. Little imperfections may be purposely left on the guitar to give it character, to add to it’s uniqueness, to give it the look and feel of a “Big Box Brand” corporate factory reject, because, that’s precisely what we are. This is very much on purpose. We believe that no matter how beautiful the guitar is, just like you or I, there is no such thing as perfection, but, it can be damn close!

What we DO NOT sacrifice, is playability, tone, strength, materials, assembly, etc. We put a lot of time into each and every guitar, giving each of them a perfect fret job, perfect nut filing, perfect string height, perfect neck setup, etc. We make sure that our guitars play like warm butter before releasing them.

A 100% flawless hand made guitar takes hundreds of hours to complete and it could easily be $10,000-$15,000 for a perfect paint quality guitar. That’s why we say “Player’s guitar”. We want the average musician to be able to save up for a few months and afford our guitars rather than taking out a second mortgage.

Please see the related link to our paint process.

In Summary

We have found that most customers who are looking for hand built guitars actually want their guitars to feel like they were made by human hands rather than assembly lines. Those who want an assembly line guitar, go to a store. It’s as simple as that.

“It’s more like ‘my buddy made me this bad ass guitar”, instead of “I went down to (G.C.) and dropped $4k on a (LP).” ” -S. M.

Little nicks, tiny “sand through spots” where wood shows through the stain around the binding, small dust specs, maybe a scratch or two, are absolutely to be expected. In some cases, we put them there on purpose. Of course, we ask each customer what their goal is with their guitar and what they are expecting and honor their wishes. If you want an immaculate guitar, we will absolutely provide one for you, but it takes a lot more time, and subsequently a lot more money.

Generally, if we are painting a guitar a solid color, (i.e. Black, Red, etc) we will also stain a multi-colored burst pattern under the solid color, that way once it begins to fade, chip, or flake over time, it will reveal a beautiful burst. Sometimes, we will paint flame maple Les Pauls to be solid colors, that way the flame will eventually start to expose itself.
Where some may call this sacrilege, we call it normal.

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