EverTune Install Services

Mythic Guitar Company is one of a small handful of certified installer of EverTune Bridges.
We use our experience to do the cleanest install of anyone else. You can buy the bridge from us and have us install it.
-We cannot sell you the unit without install.-

Please see our “How to ship a guitar” link HERE to send your guitar to us for the install.

All EverTune Bridges come in Chrome, Black, Gold, Nickle and Brushed Nickle for the same price.
T-Model has a Left or Right handed option.
G- Model has a Short and Long option

F- Model 6-String, T- Model (Left or right), and G- Model (Short or Long)
$700 total.
Bridge = 295.00
Install+ Return Shipping = $405

F- Model 7-String $760
Bridge = $355
Install + Return Shipping = $405

F- Model 8-String $800
Bridge = $395
Install + Return Shipping = $405