Mythic Guitar Company is a certified installer and proud retailer of the EverTune Bridge System.

Never go out of tune again!

Photo: Courtesy of EverTune

What is EverTune

The EverTune bridge system is a bleeding edge technological innovation that marries beautiful modern styling with futuristic performance and functionality. The EverTune system is an all Mechanical bridge that uses precisely calibrated and balanced spring and lever actions to keep each string individually in tune.

Each saddle is individually calibrated according to string thickness and tuning, using advanced mathematical formulas. The saddles give constant string tension which maintains tune through most conditions, from heavy pull, bending, or tight chord squeezes. EverTune Bridges are ideal for studio conditions where pitch, intonation and tuning are of the utmost importance, however are hearty and sturdy enough to stand up to even the most brutal touring conditions.

Photo: Courtesy of EverTune

EverTune is a simple, all mechanical bridge that does not require batteries and has no electronics to break or go bad. Any Certified EverTune installer, such as Mythic Guitar Company in Austin, Texas can repair, setup, or install the EverTune Bridge.

The Evertune system uses trigonometry and rudimentary physics as well as other complicated maths to achieve tuning perfection, however as daunting as it may sound, don’t let the tech-speak fool you. The EverTune system is a very robust concept that is very user friendly! It is far less complicated than the once popular Floyd Rose system which keeps your guitar in tune by use of mechanical clamping forces, however does nothing for the guitar’s intonation and fine tuning characteristics.

Photo: Courtesy of Evertune

Every part of the EverTune bridge is precision machined from high quality steel then chrome plated to perfection, or powder coated to a semi-gloss black. EverTune bridges are very rugged and are sold at a very reasonable price, as opposed to servo-based robotic alternatives.

EverTune makes bridges for Fender and Gibson style guitars, including Telecasters. They are called T-style, F-style, G-style, respectively. EverTune also provide 7 and 8 string styles that are based upon their F-style. Mythic Guitar Company is certified to install all of the above.

Evertune Installation

The EverTune installation, like all bridge installations, requires a high degree of precision when making the initial and subsequent measurements. Any mis-alignment may result in an improper route, and a ruined guitar.

Cutting a hole through a 2016 Gibson SG is NOT for the faint of heart.

At Mythic Guitar Company, we use highly accurate measuring tools and rely upon our years of experience in the mechanical engineering and manufacturing field to make every install as precise as humanly possible, down to a few thousandths of an inch of tolerance where possible. We take extra precautions to protect the finish of your guitar throughout the install process. Our wood working area is constantly cleaned of saw dust and our final assembly area is kept clean and free of debris and metal shavings at all times. We also go above and beyond to make aftermarket installs look as clean and factory original as possible.

It is highly recommended that you trust your guitar with a certified installer. For more information about which model to choose, installation, setup, purchases, or information about how to send us your guitar for installation, please contact us!

Where to buy an EverTune

Mythic Guitar Company in Austin, Texas sells and installs EverTune bridges. For more information about which model to choose, installation, or how to send us your guitar for installation, please contact us!

To learn more about the EverTune system, please visit their website at Evertune.com