No Lollar To Make You Hollar For Custom Hand Built Guitars

Mythic Guitar Company’s custom guitar line gets a round-house kick to the head for “Not charging (customers) enough” for our hand-built guitars.

It’s no secret that we at Mythic Guitar Company has been developing three custom guitars (the P1, P2 and P3) that are aimed towards people, especially women, with smaller hands who have difficulties playing a full scale instrument, or people in general, who like 24″ scale guitars.

It’s no secret that MGC is doing everything in our power to develop these guitars and get them into your hands as soon as possible, at an AFFORDABLE price. We are talking to several manufacturers, attempting to find HIGH quality parts, so we can build these guitars at MUCH higher quality standards than most other brands.
WE AIM to sell them at prices that most musicians can afford, even if it means not making a large profit per unit sold!


It’s been a long, uphill battle trying to get the ball rolling, then ensuring that once the ball is rolling, that it won’t hit any potholes or nails on it’s way down the hill.

I have spent more time dealing with manufacturers than I have spent IN TOTAL, designing these guitars. One manufacturer who I greatly looked forward to using for our OEM builds on the P1 and P3, was Lollar Pickups. We received an email today stating essentially,

THAT WE ARE NOT CHARGING ENOUGH FOR OUR GUITARS and since we opted to have our necks made by SGW instead of spending 10 hours a piece cutting them BY HAND in house, they are denying our application since they are “nearly at capacity and have to be a lot more picky about who (they) sell OEM parts to”.

They noted that they don’t want their pickups to be put on guitars that cost less than $1500 USD.

Photo: Courtesy of Google Image Search / YouTube

What’s the alternative?

Well, the silver lining is that Bare Knuckle, our bad ass British friends from across the pond, are still more than willing to pair up with us.

But, let’s be honest. Their pickups are well known metal distortion monsters. So, What if you play indie music and want something a little tamer? A little more Fleet Foxes and a little less F.T.W? Well…… I’m pretty sure i’m going with Kent Armstrong.

(Does anyone have his number?) jk

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