Mythic Guitar Co Maelstrom


Introducing the Maelstrom. A 24″ scale shred machine.

Mythic Guitar Company’s latest custom guitar.

The latest and greatest design to come from the creative and technical mind of CEO of Mythic Guitar Company, Mitch Berry, The guitar previously known as code name “P2”, now the Maelstrom, is now in prototyping phase. P2 stands for “Phase 2”, which alludes to being the second design of 3 currently being developed for the 2020 lineup, however is the first of the three to be publicly released. Maelstrom is a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. Also an unstoppable force.

The Maelstrom is a 24″ short scale guitar, made in America with top shelf components and is designed to be versatile. It can easy play Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Indie, and anything between. With the standard OEM Bare Knuckle Pickups, this guitar screams like a banshee, while optional Lollar Pickups can tame the wild beast. It comes with either a 3 or 6 way switch, and is available in HH, HSH, HSS, or SSS configurations (not shown). The optional EverTune bridge system keeps it in tune under even the most harsh playing conditions, as well as in a professional recording environment.

(Early rendering of the concept)

“Releasing 3 different totally custom guitars over the next 5 months is an incredibly ambitious goal. I am in part relying on potential investors and pre-orders to make this roll-out as smooth as possible. This guitar is many months in the making, with more to go, but so far, the response has been better than I could have imagined!” says Mitch Berry, CEO Mythic Guitar Company, in Austin, Texas.

“Hundreds of hours of CAD development, planning and distributor and vendor relations over the past 6 months have gone into this concept. Essentially, the big name companies have entire teams of marketers, salesmen, designers, Engineers, not to mention millions of dollars, name recognition and clout. I have none of these things. I am one man with a dream and the drive to make it happen. I have done all of these things myself, to include getting Bare Knuckle Pickups and EverTune on board with supplying OEM products for these guitars.”

Second revision of the P2 in it’s later stages.

“Driven by a simple concept and realization, I have been focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel from day one, even when that light was a pinpoint that seemed to be a million miles away. When a target is that small and that far away, the only thing true enough to hit it is a laser. I have been laser focused on this and 2 other designs while maintaining a steady work flow and every other aspect of my business”.-says Mitch

Simple Concept

“This guitar, as well as the P1 and P3 all stemmed from a very simple concept. 50% of the new guitarists in America, are in fact female. Many of them have small hands, as do a lot of men. That’s just how it is. At the moment, there aren’t many guitars on the market that cater to people who have smaller hands, or enjoy playing a short scale guitar. Some of the big name brands have specifically said that they will make no real attempt to corner this market and have been very outspoken about it. Well, i’m here to remedy that issue by providing a guitar that is superior in every possible way to the available options. Our P3 for example, is an offset guitar that will make any “offset pony guitar” look, sound and feel like a ‘Three legged gilding’. I have been fixing manufacturing issues that come STRAIGHT from the factories of some of the major brands (aside from PRS. Mad props to PRS) for a long time. I’ve poured my knowledge and experience as a guitar player, luthier and a new product development mechanical engineer in the Laboratory industry as well as my passion for music into these guitars in order to make them as accurate and high-end as possible with what i have available to me given very limited funding. This is a hand-built, custom guitar. I personally touch every part on my custom built guitars from their birth to wrapping them for shipping.”

And the Specs?

Bridges: Gotoh Strat style bridge, Gotoh Fixed bridge, or EverTune

Neck: 24″ scale length.
Maple/Maple, or Maple/Katalox necks are available. Rosewood is possible, but, these guitars will be marketed around the world and Rosewood, given it’s endangered status is impossible to ship over seas. Katalox looks, feels and sounds very similar.

Neck radius: can be chosen at the time or purchase for an additional fee, however, standard is a “Fast Thin” 780-870 D profile.

Fretboard: radius is 9.5, may also be changed for an additional price.

Nut Width: 1.625 (41mm)

Available Body Options:
-1 piece Mahogany,
-2 piece Roasted Swamp Ash,
-2 piece Swamp Ash
-2 piece Alder
-2 piece Poplar
All bodies are routed as HSH and can be upgraded, changed, swapped or built upon at any later date without having to re-route any of the cavities.

-all standard styles of Pickguard will be available.

Bare Knuckle Pickups or Lollar Pickups.
Other less expensive pickup options are available if budget is a concern, as pickups can always be changed at a later date. Pickups greatly affect the price of these guitars, as does the paint.
CTS pots
Orange Drop Caps
3 way “LP” style toggle or 6 way Free-Way switch

Customer chooses paint and finish at time of purchase. For these guitars, we will use high quality Polyurethane paints and/or instrument grade stains. Prices change accordingly. We have decided not to offer Nitrocellulose Lacquer for these models, as it takes several weeks to put a good finish on a guitar.

Retail: $1600-3500 depending upon options.
If you pre-order now, we are selling the first 10, serialized units at our cost.