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Guitar repair in Austin

Mythic Guitar Company prides itself in providing only the most high quality and precision and meticulous repairs. Our reputation is growing rapidly and we are quickly realizing our goal of becoming the best guitar repair shop in Austin.

Owner, Mitch Berry (AKA: Wolf, Mr. Wolf, The Big Bad Wolf, Bad Wolf, Wolf Man, The Wolf, Wolfie or Sir…) a guitar player since he was 6, is incredibly meticulous and highly detail-oriented, often finding mistakes that Fender and Gibson made during manufacturing. He is able to remedy the issues, often exceeding the quality standards of the manufacturer.
Measurements are done to thousandths of an inch, not fractions. We use only the highest quality tools and parts for your guitar.

Clean and organized work area.
No metal shavings to scratch your guitar.

We currently offer a full range of guitar repair in Austin.
We offer Evertune bridge installs, guitar repaints, guitar refinish, guitar restoration and guitar repair. We also service Bass guitars and almost any other common stringed instrument.
If a service is not listed, please contact us.

Guitar Tech Services

Re-aligning poorly positioned bridge

“All luthiers are techs, but not all techs are luthiers! 
Just like, all Ferraris are cars, but not every car is a Ferrari… You don’t take a Ferrari to Jiffy lube for service,
so If you have a high-end guitar, you MUST take it to Mythic Guitars.” 
-Luke H. Austin, TX 

Here’s a quick list of some of the services we offer.
Floyd Rose setup, Floyd Rose Installation (and body routing), Stratocaster style tremolo adjustment (Balancing the tremolo.), Intonation on any bridge or stringed instrument, Nut replacement (filing, leveling, finishing), Tusq nut, Brass nut, Bone nut (camel or buffalo typically), Mammoth tusk ivory nut, Parts swaps (any guitar part), Pick guard replacement, Stripped screw repair, Fill post holes, Re-drill new post holes, Strap Lock installation, Electrical work, guitar rewiring, gremlin removal, pot replacement, 3/5-way switch cleaning or replacement, crack repair, paint, broken neck repair, broken part disposal, pickup replacement….
Much more…

Guitar Setups

Crown and Polish on LP Studio

Basic Setup

Guitar and Bass Basic setups include:
Action, Intonation, and Truss Rod Adjustment.
Strings are extra unless you bring your own.

Guitars and Basses with HardTail or Tune-o-matic bridges: $65
Stratocaster style: $65-75
Floyd rose style: $105
Evertune: $30 for life if it was installed here.
Evertune: $95 if not installed here.

Additional Setup Services

(Listed individually)
Fret Leveling, Crown and Polish $350. (includes fret edge finishing)
Fret replacement, crown, level and polish $450
Individual fret replacement $20
Fret edge finishing $175 (if done separately)
Neck adjustment $15
Intonation $30
Adjust Action $30

Nuts and Saddles

We start with a bone blank, and shape them by hand.

Pre-made, pre-slotted nuts $30+parts
Pre-made Saddles $20-40 +parts
Bone blank nut $105
Bone blank Saddle 70
Brass Nut from blank $120

Guitar Electrical Services

COMBINING these services will save money, because many of them would include double labor if billed separately, and all most all of these prices include “taking the guitar apart” to access the parts.
Diagnostic services $0 Free external diagnosis $30 for internal diagnosis if you opt not to fix the issue.
Pickup Cavity Shielding installation $75-135

(For Semi-Hollow, like Gretsch, or ES-335, prices on all electrical is 1.5X listed)
Pickup swaps $45ea, 3 for $60. (Same/similar configuration, without custom wiring)
Potentiometer swaps (volume and tone “knobs”) $25ea+parts
Complete re-wires starts at $90 +parts
Custom re-wires 30 per “option” + parts (Faders, switched pots, s2, switches with more options, phase switching etc)
switch pots: Coil tap, series/parallel, Phase reversal, on/off, on/on/on, on/off/on, $50ea+parts.
Capacitor diagnostic and replacement $55ea+parts
Electrical gremlin removal. $0 if we get to keep the gremlin.
Active pickup installation (battery cavity routing optional on many guitars, others will require it) $75ea-$250 for routing etc).
Input jack replacement / fix $10-30+ parts (depends upon guitar)
Pot cleaning $15ea
Route for battery cavity $80
Much more…

Acoustic guitar Repair

Classical guitar bone nut swap

(Some services are listed in other sections above)
Separated Bridge gluing $60-150. ($150 includes setup)
Separated Brace gluing $15-100
Tuning machine replacement $15+parts
Neck Adjustment $15 (or, included with a setup)
Much more…

Guitar Custom Paint Services

Stain with Nitro finish

This service cannot be accurately quoted without seeing the guitar and knowing the specifics of what you want. There are dozens of variables. These are not firm prices. 

Nitrocellulose Lacquer $1200+
Polyurethane enamel paint $450+
Custom staining and clear coating $500+
Paint restoration and buffing $varies
Minor scratch repair $50ea
Other not listed
-Prices vary per service

Custom hand built guitars

We offer a limited line of fully built -affordable- house brand guitars for the gigging / touring musician.
We can build them to your specification with the parts and color you choose, or you may choose from our stock line.

Miscellaneous guitar services

Binding replacement or installation (complete) $300
Neck gluing $60
Neck replacement $30-$120 (is it glued or bolted?)
Neck Mounting hole drilling $30
Broken neck repair $60++

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