Side Jobs

Sometimes a necessary evil of starting a business from the ground up, out of your garage, is that you MUST take in jobs that you don’t necessarily want to take on in order to make ends meet.

Even if it makes you feel dirty, sometimes you have to go against what your pride tells you, suck it up, get on your knees and scrub that damn toilet. Success is 80% “asses n elbows” and 20% telling your pride to F-off.

Some people stick to their guns and say “No! I refuse to do that work. I am in business, SPECIFICALLY, do to this one thing and i will settle for nothing less”. The truth is, Unless you can sell that product or service 3 times per year and survive comfortably between those 3 sales, you will go out of business in very short order by not succumbing to the reality that you must do SOMETHING to bring in revenue.

I think part of this way of thinking is stemmed from the idea that they will “become known as the person / business that provides (whatever service that they are unwilling to do). From my own experience, i’m positive that is not the case.

I just have to remind myself of that.

With that said. I am now accepting paint jobs, minor repairs and other custom work aside from full on builds, while the “full on builds” business starts taking off and i start getting a name for myself.

This is subject to change at any time.


So, it’s been a while since this post. The thing that I was talking about, somewhat specifically in this article, actually created a huge opportunity for my business which will prove to be lucrative. That’s about all that i can say about it, however, if no one else wants to do the job, and you take it, then, it’s fairly likely that others will bring you ALL of those jobs.

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