Do you have what it takes to be part of the Mythic Guitar Company Guild? We sponsor up and coming artists.

What will you receive by becoming a sponsored artist?

Sponsored artists may receive several benefits.

  • 30-100% off of any standard model instrument
  • Several build options which are not available to the general public.
  • 10-40% off of any Custom Shop instrument.
  • Artist signature series guitars
  • One-off custom guitars never to be reproduced, Serial Number 1 of 1
  • Early access to new models! Low serial numbers, guaranteed.
  • Free Shipping
  • Optional Insurance on your instrument and a more expansive limited lifetime warranty
  • Instruments may be traded in for partial credit on a new instrument
  • Limited or unlimited advertising, marketing, promotion, press and social shares
  • Free exposure.
  • Free setups and strings when you are in Austin.
  • Potential to be booked at showcases, events, festivals, etc.
  • Potential NAMM invitations.

We determine the benefits you will receive on an artist by artist basis, but no artist will be denied! ALL guitar players and bass players are welcome!

If you are interested, Please Download This Form. (there is no form yet. sorry. still working on this page). We require a $35 research and filing fee sent to paypal. Please include the Paypal Transaction ID in the form, then email the form to us at MythicGuitars at g.ma.il.com (i’ll fix this link later. it’s written that way temporarily for anti-spam reasons. sorry)