Custom Guitars

When life isn’t fair

When I was in the 5th grade, our music class held a competition. We were tasked with building an instrument. Me and my stepfather went to the store, bought a sheet of plywood, some screws and glue. Then we went to the library and checked out a book about electronics. That book had instructions about building a piezoelectric pickup! We went to Radio Shack and made a pickup.

I drew out a design on a poster board, cut three rough shapes from the plywood, glued it all together, put an old used neck that i found onto the body, made a bridge out of metal and built my first playable guitar! It played, plugged into an amp, and was a fully functional guitar.

I even took a little amp to school to demonstrate.

I won SECOND place to Jonathan, who’s dad made him an exact copy of a fender stratocaster out of Styrofoam. It had sewing thread for strings and did not play by any stretch of the imagination. 27 years later, and I still feel animosity. I think the whole thing was rigged.

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