Why I Chose EverTune

What Is EverTune?

For those who have been living under a rock since 2010, EverTune is an advanced yet surprisingly simple technology that replaces your existing bridge after a certified EverTune installation center, like Mythic Guitar Company in Austin, TX performs intensive reconstructive surgery to your guitar. The net result of this bridge system is that you are always in tune, no matter how much the strings stretch with use, or how hard you press them when playing, as long as you are in “Zone 2”.

By Mitch Berry, Owner of Mythic Guitar Company, Austin TX.
Photos by Mitch Berry
Special Thanks To Chris Harness of Bloodshot

How did you learn about EverTune?

My travel down the “EverTune road” has been a long and interesting one. The fact that I have had a guitar in my hand almost every day for 31 years and the fact that I repair and build guitars for a living, doesn’t mean that I automatically know about every little invention for every random guitar on the market. People ask me about things on a near daily basis that I have never heard of.

So naturally, When Chris Harness of Bloodshot (click here) called me, there was a little bit of a misunderstanding. I was just finishing up with a business meeting when he called. “Hey, i need to have a bridge installed.” “Okay?” “Have you ever installed an EverTune?” To be perfectly honest, I thought that he was talking about a totally different bridge system that I couldn’t remember the name of at the time, so answered with an enthusiastic “Yeah!” because I had done a few… of those ones…

Chris goes on to say “There are like 6 different templates that you have route” and explained how he had called several other shops in town, and NO ONE else wanted to touch it. Then he went to EverTune’s site and found the other local guy who is a certified installer. That guy basically argued with Chris telling him that he didn’t want it. When he pressed the issue, quoted him at $1000 for the install, simply because he didn’t want to do it.

Once he told me how he had been treated by all of the other shops in town, he started explaining to me what the EverTune system did, how it worked, why he uses them and why he wants them on -all- of his guitars. After hearing his testimonial, I knew that it was something that he believed in and there had to be a reason why. I told him that I would do me due diligence and learn as much as I could before getting him a Quote.

The first call I made was to ESP. Chris originally wanted an EverTune installed on an ESP that did not come with one, because he also owns an ESP that did come with one and he loves it. Since he uses several guitars on stage that all have different tunings, he wants all of them to have EverTune bridges.

My conversation with ESP was somewhat short and lead me to call EverTune. I met a man named Lee, who, I have to say, is probably one of the more patient human beings I’ve met. Within a few days of my bugging Lee to no end with calls and emails, watching videos, viewing links, articles, instruction manuals etc that Lee recommended, then of course more calls and emails about spring tension verification for Chris’s alternate tuning needs, I felt more than confident about routing holes completely through Chris’s guitar with a drill press and a 23,000 RPM plunge router…

In the end, Chris opted to do the first install on a Gibson SG, so we ordered the parts and the rest is history!

Why did you choose to be a certified installer?

I have to be honest. When Chris called me, I knew that he believed in the product. He raves about EverTune constantly. He tells everyone who owns a guitar about them and is one of EverTune’s biggest cheerleaders, but I still had my doubts and reservations. I’ve seen a lot of snake oil in my lifetime and there’s always one guy who loves that one random tech that no one else does. I mean, someone somewhere, thought that shake weights were a good idea and even today, there are people who collect Yugos and Ford Gremlins.

When he brought the EverTune equipped ESP and the SG by for me to look at, I got the jist of how it worked, but, what SOLD me, was when the new unit arrived and I could hold it in my hands. As a mechanical designer / engineer and life long tinkerer; Examining the EverTune system inside and out, seeing at how all of the parts and mechanisms work together and wrapping my head around it in person allowed me to see it’s true potential.

Cutting a hole completely through a Gibson SG is not for the weak and weary.

Once the install was complete on Chris’s SG, I spent several hours playing it. I knew that I was making a good decision in growing a relationship with EverTune. The quality of the product is amazing, the people I have met from their company are top notch and it’s my goal to install as many units as possible. I feel like guitar players are doing themselves a great injustice by not owning an EverTune bridge, ESPECIALLY if they record. My new motto is going to be “EverTune for Every Studio”.

After talking to EverTune CEO, Cosmos Lyles and explaining to him what I do and who I am, showing him the quality of my work and expressing my desire to work with his company, I was eventually accepted as a certified installer of EverTune Bridges, which means that anyone may ship a guitar to my business for an install, warranty or repair work!

Where do you see yourself with EverTune in the future?

I am currently designing 3 guitars for our 2020 lineup that are unique to Mythic Guitar Company. We are no longer building “clones” One of them, the “P2” (as it is currently named) is now in the prototype phase. Evertune will be the default option for 2 out of 3 of these designs. As my company gains notoriety, I hope to sell more EverTune units and grow their brand awareness beyond a niche market as well.

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